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Andreas Th. Bausch GmbH & Co. KG

We are a family owned paper-converting-specialist,  founded in 1968 by Andreas Theodor Bausch. Our location is in D-21423, Winsen / Luhe, Germany, which is 30 kilometers south of Hamburg.


After having been a sales agency in the first years, we became a converting -company  for technical and graphic-papers in the 19-seventieth. Our main customers were and are papermills,  importers and trading companies then. Later, we started to have additionally our own assortment. Today, lead by Christoph and Stephan Bausch in the second generation as executives, we source a large range of custom made solutions around the fascinating theme of paper.


It is our target, to offer actual and modern paper-products, tailored to the customers needs at competitive prices. Besides our technical resources, our competences are about 24 highly motivated employees, some of them working since decades  with Bausch, being always ready to serve our customers with high motivation.

Please let us know, what we may do for you.