Bausch Papier - wenn das Format eine Rolle spielt.

Back- und Kochpapiere, Papiere für die Fleischverarbeitung, Boxeinleger, Papiere für die Lebensmittelindustrie ...

Technische und Spezialpapiere

Verpacken und Werben, Trennpapiere, Antihaftpapiere, Technische Papiere für diverse Anwendungsbereiche ...

Our strengths…

... In a nutshell:

  • very wide range of warehouse stocked master rolls of different paper qualities
  • Equipment for narrow roles (from 12 mm width) up to large sizes (165 x 455 cms, 225 x 260 cms)
  • large and ideally coordinated sheeters, rewinders, guillotine cutters and a flexoprinter

Thus, we can also fulfill unusual customer requests inexpensively. A lean business structure and far-reaching knowledge of the market make this possible. We have pleasure in the medium of paper and stand with our name behind what we do.

Resellers appreciate our wide range of stock of the most common packaging and specialty papers. Mother roles are always in stock, so that you can decide on the equipment: You need format blanks, a single layer or multiple layers wound reels, or should we provide the paper with an individual print?

Of course we also process you own paper as a service-supplier.