Bausch Papier - wenn das Format eine Rolle spielt.

Back- und Kochpapiere, Papiere für die Fleischverarbeitung, Boxeinleger, Papiere für die Lebensmittelindustrie ...

Technische und Spezialpapiere

Verpacken und Werben, Trennpapiere, Antihaftpapiere, Technische Papiere für diverse Anwendungsbereiche ...

Our claim

“If the format has a role” – this ambiguous statement is our guiding principle since decades. It includes a moral and a technical component , which we are committed:


The moral component :

We stand with our name behind what we are doing. For more than 46 years . Agreements made shall  strictly be adhered to . All our activities are oriented towards sustainability , responsible cooperation and mutual respect . Every relationship we make must be marked by well-founded objectives, based  on mutual understanding and be mutually beneficial. We are convinced that only like this we can achieve  common successes , and be an attractive partner to our customers , our suppliers and our employees in the long term .


The technical component:

Our core competence is the need-based formatting, rewinding and printing of paper and extends up to complete logistics concepts or outsourcing projects around the medium of paper. Our work is always useful, if paper manufacturers  do not convert their own products to the consumer needs. This can be either because of technical reasons or because of economical reasons.


Regardless of whether the ownership of the paper is with us, or we work as a service provider in wages, we are the partner for manufacturers, importers and exporters, distributors and end users in the supply or the equipment of all "non-standard needs cases".


This can be  special sheets or rolls dimensions, private label concepts, special packaging or decentralized distribution of subsets. Or simply the need of batch sizes, which are not provided by paper mills, but that we have in stock.


 Many paper grades from tissue paper on kraft paper to PE - coated or siliconized paper we carry in jumbo rolls in stock, so we can serve them to your needs flexible and inexpensive.


 Our large and ideally coordinated machines like sheeters, rewinders, guillotine cutters and a flexoprinter  is ready for you.


Ask us, if for you also "the format has a role." We look forward to talking with you.